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NEW Packaging DR Rochelle Skin Expert Luxury 30 gr

NEW Packaging DR Rochelle Skin Expert Luxury 30 gr

NEW PACKAGING of luxury package 30 gr, facial care product of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert includes as follows:
•Facial Cleanser (soap) 120 ml
•Clarity Toner 120 ml
•Instantly BB cream with Spf 50 (30 gr)
•Brightening Repair Night cream (30 gr)
DR Rochelle Skin Expert is the facial care product with benefits for facial skin, such as:
•Softening and Moisturizing skin
•Tightening and Making Skin Elastic
•Removing wrinkle
•Hiding and removing spots and dirt on face
•Curing Acne
•Nourishing skin
•Regenerating new skin cells
•Brightening skin and stimulating skin growth
•Whitening skin
Brightening Night Cream to nourish facial skin and make it feel soft and to make face look white and bright. Get beautiful, bright skin with night cream with nutrition enriched with extract of bellis perennis flower. The formula to repair skin damage and actively brighten your skin when sleeping, to hide black spots, to synchronize skin colour, and to reduce the dullness to make skin look bright. Optimize the treatment effectively with the series of DR ROCHELLE Brightening Night Cream for brighter face without black spots.
DR. ROCHELLE Brightening Night Cream is the moisturizer nourishing, brightening, and whitening skin with 3 steps:
•Oligopeptide-68 as the bleaching cure black spots to prevent dullness on skin and to make the skin colour equal.
•Allantoin as skin protection, nonapeptide-1, Hydrogenated lecithin and Glycine Soja Oil as the skin conditioning solution, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil to moisturize skin.
•The ingredient of extract of bellis perennis flower and sodium ascorbyl phosphate are synergized to support the whitening and brightening processes of skin.
DR ROCHELLE Instantly Perfect BB Cream can be used as make up base and moisture for facial skin with its extra moisturizer. The texture of BB Cream is mild and comfortable to use every day and it is easy to apply evenly. It brightens face with active ingredients for nourishing facial skin like licoride, vitamin C, vitamin B3, and anti-oxidant. Skin looks softer and it the black spots are hidden quickly. It is enriched with UV filter to protect skin from the sunlight exposure.
DR ROCHELLE Facial Cleanser Wash cleans Facial Cleanser from dirt of makeup; it does not make skin dry and irritated. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. This product moisturizes skin after use. A very recommended cleanser products with Porphyridium Cruentum Extract as skin conditioning does not cause skin irritation and dryness.
DR ROCHELLE Clarity Toner cleans the residue of fat or cleansers, refreshes the facial skin; it is enriched with Porphyridium Cruentum Extract as skin conditioning. It nourishes skin optimally and portulaca oleracea extract maintains natural balance of skin and cleans dirt from skin. Refreshing formula for your skin. Facial skin becomes clean and fresher.

information detail about Dr Rochelle Skin Expert, Please contact :
Pin BBM : 27E06FB0 (call)
+6287883017789 (add pin BBm)
website : http://www.drrochelleskinexpertindonesia.com/

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